The Texas Public Policy Foundation and the Heritage Foundation have hosted the nation’s premier energy-and-climate policy event: the “At the Crossroads: Energy and Climate Policy Summit,” for four consecutive years. Participants take part in conversation with the world’s leading scientists, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and energy experts, who gather to explore this turning point in energy history and the long-lasting potential it holds for America and beyond.

Past speakers include:

  • Administrator Scott Pruitt
  • Senator John Cornyn
  • Senator Mike Lee
  • Congressman Lamar Smith
  • Congressman Pete Olson
  • Congressman Gary Palmer
  • Senator Jim Inhofe
  • Attorney General Ken Paxton
  • Corbin J. Robertson, Jr., Principal, Quintana Capital Group
  • Matt Ridley, Author, The Rational Optimist
  • Robert E. Murray, Founder and CEO, Murray Energy Corporation
  • Mark P. Mills, Manhattan Institute
  • The Honorable Kathleen Hartnett White, Texas Public Policy Foundation
  • Stephen Moore, The Heritage Foundation